It seems like the never-ending election campaign in the US – primed ever since inauguration day almost 4 years ago. But election day is finally arriving Tuesday November 3rd, and I’ve chosen a fascinating theme for the next ‘Vintage Favourites’, in the lead-up to the US election.  ‘Songs for an Election‘ features famous campaign themes of the past, and songs that have leveled blistering attacks as well as offered soothing hope and genuine inspiration.  
Two of our best Canadian artists are about to celebrate birthdays – so I’ll spotlight Bryan Adams and Katherine Dawn Lang.  During the show’s first hour (1-2pm.), ‘This Week in Zoomer Music‘ recalls the first true rock’n’roll tour of Europe and the riots Bill Haley caused in Germany this week in 1958 … Queen Elizabeth bestowing the Member of the British Empire honours on the four Beatles … one of the first rock’n’roll concert films – The T.A.M.I. Show … and the rare case of a musician gracing the cover of, not one, but two, leading news magazines in the same week. It happened 45 years ago.
All that and more on another Sunday afternoon well worth your listening – to ‘Vintage Favourites’ from 1:00 to 4:30, on Zoomer Radio.