Sep 14, 2009

By Ziggy

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When I think about the way love came into my life, and not just once but quite a few times, I’m still so amazed. Out of left field, like a meteor, without rhyme or reason leaving me breathless.

Often, it was when I was at my saddest and thinking it would never come. Other times, I had my ducks in a row and was finally grasping that I would be alone with my nine cats for the rest of my life.

In this song by Jill Barber, the amazement of finding love is apparent. It is my new favorite. I happened to be in my kitchen on one of my cooking marathons but had kept the TV on. As I stirred my pots and concoctions, I heard a woman who harked back to the singers of the 1950’s. I didn’t know who she was but because the refrain of the song kept repeating I raced over to my computer and Googled away burning my Broccoli Casserole in the process. Well, it was so worth it because I’ve fallen in love with Jill Barber and in particular, with this song.


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