December - bring it on.

Nov 26, 2010

By Gene Stevens

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As we look to the final days of No-No-November, we wish our American friends “Happy Thanksgiving”, and to everyone in the retail world – “Best Wishes for Big Sales“.  This is the unofficial start of the pre-Christmas sales orgy. May you find what you’re looking for, and may you keep within your ability to pay.  Good luck.

Weather’s been pretty nice, but you know – you KNOW – winter’s blast is coming. Get ready.  Since I don’t drive a car (dumped it earlier this year, and saving BIG bucks – thank you), I really don’t worry about a big snowstorm – so I say “bring it on”.  We haven’t had a good ol’ fashioned snowy winter for what seems like years.  Now, I’m not a big fan of winter, I don’t ski, or skate (anymore), and I don’t particularly like tromping thru the slush – but soft, snow-covered, side-streets can be very nice for a pleasant evening walk.

Around the station, we’re getting ready for the Christmas music season. Music Director Brian Peroff is going through lists of songs, checking out new seasonal music too – we’ll be starting this year’s Christmas music on December 6th.  And, as always, we’ll be playing more and more Christmas music as we approach the big day – we’ll be solid Christmas from December 20th onward.

This Sunday afternoon, I’ll complete the 3 weekend series of ‘Top Tens’ we began with The Top Ten Big Bands November 14th, the Top Ten Female Vocalists of the Vintage Era November 21st, and this Sunday (28th) The Top Ten Male Vocalists of the Vintage Era.  Again, I’ll promise you some genuine surprises – but as always, my lists are based on official Billboard chart rankings as reported in the books by Joel Whitburn.  So these are official rankings, and full of surprises – so I hope you tune in this Sunday 2-4pm.

Next weekend, December 5th, I’ve got a good show for musicologists and fans alike – ‘The One-Hit Wonders of the Vintage Era’.  You’ll be amazed how many recording artists actually had only ONE taste of fame EVER.  They literally had just ONE hit song, but you’ll know the songs, if not always the recording artist.  You’ll also be surprised that some famous artists (with their famous songs)  really only had one hit.  It’ll be fun – tune in Sunday December 5th, 2-4pm.

After that I’m looking forward to my first-ever Frank Sinatra feature – December 12th – which will be the 95th anniversary of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ birth.

So – here’s to December – Christmas, New Year’s Eve, holidays, giving-and-receiving, snowy nights and crispy sunny days, great live music, festivals, and music – of course.  I’ll write again before Christmas…till then… Cheers.  Gene

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