Songs of Solace, Survival and Inspiration

May 21, 2020

By Valerie Massie

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Ten weeks!  Can you believe it’s been ten weeks since our lives were abruptly – and it seems – forever, changed. In mid-March news of the fast-spreading Novel Corona-virus called COVID-19 became something tangible and ‘close-to-home’ when the major sports leagues shut down, theatres closed and, on St.Patrick’s Day, bars and then restaurants also shut down. Soon ‘social distancing‘ became an over-used, and unfortunate term, replaced not nearly fast-enough by the more accurate ‘physical distancing‘; face-masks, limited entry to grocery stores, and all kinds of other changes to our ‘normal’ routines – not-to-mention, working from home, if working at all, and most tragically, the mounting hospitalizations and then death-counts rolled in, from around the world, and around our corner. It was all head-spinning and numbing at the same time. But we’re resilient creatures, and adapted as best we could.

And now, ten weeks later, there’s a kind of ‘new normal’ evolving, subtly changing daily, weekly, and gradually – but inexorably – changing our world and our lives. Competing forces pulling at us at once to continue with all the care to avoid giving or getting the virus, while also ‘opening up the economy’ and ‘returning to normal’. We’re discovering new ways to adapt almost daily to commuting, working, dealing with the bureaucracy of official assistance, and – well with living our lives.

It’s time to pause and catch our breath – and take in a Sunday afternoon radio show that’s different from all the others.  I’ve taken a long look at music lists, searching for songs that fit this moment in time; some are classics and others more recent, and a few were recorded for exactly this time. I’m calling these ‘Songs of Solace, Survival and Inspiration’ – and I welcome you to join me this Sunday (May 24th) for a very special edition of ‘Vintage Favourites‘. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. Cheers.

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