The New AM 740 World Vision Portrait of Hope – Transformation in Xebangfay

Jul 06, 2015

By Valerie Massie

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Life is changing for eight-year-old Alysa, her family and her community, thanks to the support of Canadian sponsors.

This community has struggled with poverty for generations. Traditionally, families have lived off the land. Since children were expected to farm with their parents, school enrollment was always low. Water for cooking and bathing was collected from the river, but it was unsanitary, and during the dry season they had to walk much farther to collect it. Thankfully, since World Vision partnered with the community in Xebangfay, life is improving.

Through training sessions, families have learned the importance of health and education to their children’s wellbeing.

By providing a water pump and drinking filters, each family now has safe water to drink, while proper latrines have improved overall health and hygiene.

Family incomes have increased through training in small business opportunities, like fish farms.

Schools have more books and learning materials for teaching, and children have become more engaged in their education.

Ms. Lamphai, a local teacher, says that enrollment has increased and children are skipping school less often as parents prioritize their kids’ education.

But children still contribute at home – when Alysa finishes her classes, she likes to help with dinner and feed the family’s chickens and fish.

With all of the accomplishments in this community, it’s clear that children in Xebangfay are heading toward a better, brighter future.

Visit today or call 1-800-268-3922.


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