Some Fun D.I.Y Halloween Decor Ideas!

Sep 15, 2017

By AM740 Staff

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Floating Witches Hats:

What you’ll need:
• Fishing line
• Long needle
• LED light sticks
• Safty pins
• Outdoor command hooks for lights
• Witches hats

1. Pick out where you want to hang your hats. Once you’ve found the perfect placement for each hat, attach one command hook to the ceiling.
2. String about 2-3 feet of fishing line through the needle and put the needle through the outside tip of the hat. Feed the string through the inside of the hat but do not pull all the way through; leave a fair amount on the outside.
3. Remove the needle from the inside of the hat and tie the fishing line around a safety pin.
4. Use the safety pin to attach the light stick. You can find these at any craft store or in the Halloween isle at your local department store.
5. Last but not least – tie a loop in the end of the fishing line and hang it on the command hooks and turn on the light sticks for your spooky floating hats!

Dracula Welcome Mat:

What you’ll need:
• Black marker
• Pencil
• Small sized paint brush
• Medium sized paint brush
• White acrylic paint
• Red acrylic paint
• Doormat
• Cutting blade
• Small paper plate

• Cut the bottom two corners of the doormat to give it round edges.
• Use your permanent marker to draw out Draculas fangs
• Pour some of the white paint on to your paper plate and begin painting the teeth within your drawn marks. Note: stipple the paint brush to really dig into the groves of the mat.
• Let the paint dry. You’ll see that some of the paint gets absorbed into the material. You can touch-up those spots once the wet paint has completely dried.
• As you wait for the paint to dry – with your marker write out your greeting of choice. Using your small paintbrush; trace your greeting in black paint.
• As the black dries, add a bit of red paint at the tip of the fangs for some added terror!

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