Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Newnew the 3-year-old female dog

Apr 02, 2018

By Valerie Massie

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Boy oh boy does Newnew have lots to talk about! First of all, how fun is playtime?! Playtime is so fun! All kinds of playtime! She likes playing with squeaky balls and ropes and squeaky stuffies and bones! Woo wee! She likes running really fast like this, whoosh! And like that, waah! She especially likes being around her favourite humans and playing with them. She doesn’t like playing by herself. That’s boring! Naptime. Yes. She also likes naptime!

Newnew doesn’t like ALL things. She doesn’t like being left alone. That makes her sad. She wonders where the heck her people go when they leave! She hopes they aren’t playing with other dogs somewhere! She used to get very upset when people left. She’d cry and make lots of noise until they came back. Sometimes he still does. But she’s a lot better about it these days thanks to her anxiety medicine.

Also, Newnew doesn’t like cats! What the heck is their deal! They look at her funny. She much prefers humans. Humans have kind voices and scratch her head and give her belly rubs! She hopes there will be many scratches and belly rubs in her new home!

Newnew is at first a sensitive girl who will need a little time and space to get used to things. She doesn’t much care for busy, hectic, or noisy environments, especially when they’re new to her. She also prefers having a bit of time getting to know someone before she opens up. She’s definitely a little shy at first, but when he’s comfortable, she’s the silliest little sweetheart around!

She’s looking for a home in a more quiet, less crowded neighbourhood. She hopes there won’t be any cats there waiting for her and if there are other dogs, she’d prefer to meet them here at the shelter before makes any decisions!

If you’d like to foster Newnew while he waits for her forever home, send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Foster Application: Newnew”. If you’d like to meet her and maybe even give her a permanent home, please contact [email protected].

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