Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Pelusa

Feb 07, 2020

By Valerie Massie

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Toronto Humane Society’s Pelusa is the dog from tales of yore. You know, Old Yeller type stuff. She’s the dog rescuing Aunt Josephine from the river, telling the sheriff little Tod’s fallen down the well, or running through picturesque fields into the arms of her beloved owners. She’s the dog with undying loyalty and love for her humans. If you’re looking for a fun, frolicking, yet calm and gentle companion who will melt your heart and make you laugh, you should meet Pelusa.

This is a lady who loves to be around the action. Whether you’re cooking, playing board games or trying to do some yoga in the living room, Pelusa is keeping you company. She’s not just an observer though. She’s a smart girl who takes everything in and learns very quickly. Nothing makes her happier than going out for a nice long walk and sniffing all the new smells of the day. She is great on a leash and will happily walk as your loyal sidekick anywhere you want to go.

She loves adventures as much as she loves scratches. Thinking of taking a road trip? Sign Pelusa UP! This girl loves car rides. She’ll happily jump in the back seat (although prefers the passenger seat) and drive with you for as long as you want. It’s like a spa day for her and she will sleep for as long as the car is moving.

No car? No problem. Her adventures don’t need to be long distance. She loves to go for long walks and explore new areas, especially other people’s homes. She’s something of a home connoisseur. She loves admiring other people’s homes, their gardens and architecture and all that stuff. Exploring. Locally or up at the cottage. That’s her thing.

Okay, we know what she likes. What about the other stuff? Well, let’s start with cats. She’s not really a fan. She’s met one, they agreed to disagree and went their separate ways. Dogs? Depends. The younger, more high energy dogs are not her cup of tea. She prefers dogs to be on her level of energy and sensitivity: cool, calm, and not too persistent with play. She could definitely live with a dog who is as chill as she is.

Pelusa is amazing. She is loving and loyal, patient and playful. She is a gentle soul who would bring so much joy, so much laughter, so much love to the home. Interested? Visit Toronto Humane Society at 11 River Street, visit her profile here www.torontohumanesociety.com/adopt-a-pet/dogs/43100967, or contact Toronto Humane Society adoptions staff at [email protected].

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