Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: BFF's Daytona & Lovely

Feb 28, 2020

By Valerie Massie

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Toronto Humane Society’s Daytona and Lovely are literally every “best friend movie” wrapped into one cute, cuddly couple. The way they play and snuggle together, the way they rely on and look out for one another — it’s almost too much. One look at them and you’ll be fumbling for your phone to snap a pic and then make plans with your own best friend. So sweet, so wholesome, this adorable pair will liven up your home and help you rediscover the importance of Friendship.

Daytona is a sweet and affectionate boy who loves attention (especially the pets) and treats. He’s a senior, sure, but this senior’s got some spunk. He’s a lover of adventures and being outside. Everything needs to be explored. Everything. When he and Lovely are on their walks, Daytona likes to lead the way (pulling on the leash). He’s sorry, but he just gets so excited with everything going on! An “easy-walk” leash definitely helps when Daytona tries walking YOU.

A friendly old fella with a pup’s spirit of adventure, Daytona is the captain, the navigator of this adorable friendship. He can be a real wildcard at first, and has mixed opinions about other dogs. But with Lovely, his most trusted companion, by his side, Daytona is one heck of a well-rounded boy.

While sweet, shy and tiny, Lovely is the backbone, the support system of the friendship. While Daytona is out shouting at leaves and dancing up a storm for others to see, Lovely is keeping things cool, patiently waiting for Daytona to come back down to earth. She is a sweet and sensitive girl who, at the same time, can handle Daytona’s high energy and sometimes headstrong attitude.

Lovely is so attentive to her best friend, so considerate and selfless. In-fact, she is such a fan of Daytona that, when hanging with him, she sometimes forgets to eat, pee or even poop! Silly and adorable.

These two are looking for a home where they can stretch their legs for all the play dates and snuggle sessions. They are open to other animals, but Daytona does have mixed feelings about dogs. Plus, he might not appreciate having to share little Lovely! These two love humans of all ages, but because they are seniors, it might be best if their home was on the mature side.

The most important thing for these two is their friendship. They need each other and hate being apart. In the right home, the love they have for one another will spread through the whole family.

Think you can handle all this cute? Visit Toronto Humane Society at 11 River Street, check out their website: www.torontohumanesociety.com/adopt-a-pet/dogs or contact their adoptions staff at [email protected].

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