This Week on Finding Your Bliss: April 29th

Apr 24, 2023

By AM740 Staff

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Coming up this Saturday at 1pm on Finding Your Bliss, Life Coach and Bliss Expert Judy Librach is joined by Sherry Gallant! 

Sherry always knew she was intuitive, but it wasn’t until March 2002, when she experienced a horrible car accident, that she truly believed in her abilities. Months before her accident, Sherry began to feel premonitions — something bad was on the horizon. On that day in March, a driver made a quick decision resulting in his vehicle colliding with Sherry’s, and the car ultimately spun out of control towards her door. With Sherry’s life in danger, she felt as if someone took her out of her car, giving her no recollection of the impact or pain of the crash. When she came to, she was in a cemetery only steps away from a loved one’s grave – her very close friend who had passed away in 1993, whom Sherry named her son after in 1994. 



Sherry’s experience reaffirmed her connection to the spirit world; she knew that it was her friend who saved her life on that March day. Even her injuries, which should have been much more severe in light of her accident, were relatively minimal. Sherry knew then that this moment was her spiritual re-awakening and vowed to accept all spiritual signs and signals from then on. 

Now, with over 15 years of experience, Sherry has become a leading voice in the movement surrounding mediumship, self-help and connections to the spiritual world. Sherry’s hope is that her experience will inspire others to connect with their own loved ones who they have lost and find their own spiritual connection. Sherry knows that she was put on a journey to help as many people as possible, by using the best of all her gifts, talent and knowledge. Using her training as a Grief Coach, Regulated Acupuncturist, Holistic Nutritionist, Reflexologist, and a member of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (retired), Sherry is able to provide her clients with perspective like no other.



Also on the program, we have talented jazz singer extraordinaire Geneviève Marentette, also known as Gigi, and guitarist and singer/songwriter KC Roberts, singing their version of, “Put a Litte Love in Your Heart”. 



Geneviève has been singing professionally under her mother’s wing since the age of 5. Gigi is a very well educated vocalist – yet she sings with a rawness and soul that one might attribute to a unique hippy parentage and her teenage exposure to the Detroit music scene. She’s known primarily for her fearless live approach to song interpretation and her recordings and collaborations are many and diverse. She has been a frequent guest on Finding Your Bliss and is one of our favourite singers of all time! And when you’ve seen this torch singer perform live, bearing her soul, you see the real star exactly where she is meant to be – onstage. 



As Don Thompson once wrote: “She is, to me, the perfect balance of fragile beauty and a burning intensity that makes her and her music irresistable.” 

KC Roberts is the frontman and founder of Toronto’s “KC Roberts & the Live Revolution” (KCLR) – a nine-piece original funk band. He leads the group with dynamic and distinctive guitar and vocals. KCLR’s current live lineup is packed with Toronto’s jazz heavyweights including Jeremy Ledbetter and Matt Giffin on keyboards, Rob Christian on saxophone, Andrew McAnsh on trumpet, Christian Overton on trombone, Marito Marques on percussion and some of Canada’s finest vocalists on backing vocals.

Join us this Saturday at 1 PM on Finding Your Bliss. You can follow us @theblissminute on Instagram and Facebook. Or you can visit our online magazine at and take one step closer to finding your bliss.

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