Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Arwin and Dasher

Sep 22, 2023

By Jordan Chakravarty

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Meet Arwin and Dasher, a pair of senior cats. These charming brothers are nine years old and are inseparable – having lived their entire lives together. 

Both Arwin and Dasher have soft brown and white fur and green eyes. While they may look similar, Dasher’s white furry cheeks will immediately catch your attention and you’ll fall in love with Arwin’s white fluffy paws. 

This dynamic duo has the full package! 

Arwin is a gentle cuddly cat. He’s great with strangers of all ages if they come with treats and pets but watch out for dogs, as they can be scary to Arwin! He’s an outgoing guy whose energy flourishes when there is a wand toy around.

Opposites surely do attract, as Dasher is the shy and timid brother. He’s okay with taking a backseat while Arwin gets all the attention. He’s happiest in a quiet space, just hanging out with his brother. Dasher is gentle with kids, likes to play, and once he’s comfortable enough, will hop on your lap for a little extra love.

These two fluffy brothers like to sleep next to each other, groom each other, and in the shelter, they like to cuddle in one cat cubby – you have no idea whose arm, tail, or leg you’re touching and it’s pretty adorable.

Dasher has a heart murmur and chronic kidney disease. This is common in older cats and can be managed with a special diet and medication. Dasher will need some extra TLC from his family when it comes to his medical needs, but he’ll be forever grateful for the help.

Adopting two senior cats will require extra care. When it comes to feeding them, both would benefit from being on senior care diets to ensure they’re getting all their nutrients. There is so much that these two senior brothers have to offer and providing them with comfort, love, and a forever home is more than they could ever ask for.  In return, you’ll receive endless purrs and soft headbutts of pure love and gratitude!

Can’t wait to bring Arwin and Dasher home already? Visit Toronto Humane Society at 11 River Street to start the application process today!



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