Mar 17, 2021

By Bob Komsic

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A prominent woman in Canada’s military has decided to quit, saying she’s ”sickened” by ongoing reports of sexual misconduct in the Armed Forces and ”disgusted” it’s taken so long for problem to be investigated.
Lt-Col Eleanor Taylor, a distinguished veteran of combat in Afghanistan who’s considered a role model for young women in uniform, did not hold back in her resignation letter.
”I am sickened by ongoing investigations of sexual misconduct among our key leaders.
Unfortunately, I am not surprised.   I am also certain that the scope of the problem has yet to be exposed. 
Throughout my career, I have observed insidious and inappropriate use of power for sexual exploitation.
Some senior leaders are unwilling or (perhaps unable) to recognize that their behaviour is harmful bot to the victim and to the team.
Some recognize the harm but believe they can keep their behaviour secret.
Perhaps worst of all are those in authority, who should know better, but lack the courage and tools to confront the systemic issue.
I have been both a victim of, and participant in, this damaging cycle of silence, and I am proud of neither.
I am not encouraged that we are ‘investigating our top officers.’
I am disgusted that it has taken us so long to do so.”
Two most recent chiefs of the defence staff, General Jonathan Vance and Admiral Art McDonald, face misconduct allegations.
In her letter, Taylor suggested the military drop the name ”Operation Honour” from its campaign to rid the ranks of sexual misconduct.
She says the effort should go on but that the name has lost all meaning. 
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