Mar 09, 2022

By Bob Komsic

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Mandatory masking in most indoor public settings and schools will end in Ontario the week after March Break.
”We are now learning to live with and manage COVID-19 for the long term,” says the province’s chief medical officer.
”This necessitates a shift to a more balanced response to the pandemic,” adds Dr. Kieran Moore.

However, he stresses removing the mask mandate ”does not mean the risk is gone,” and that masking requirements may need to be brought back if there’s another spike in cases.
Despite the easing of restrictions, he feels vulnerable Ontarians should continue to take precautions and continue wearing masks.
While the mask mandate will be removed for most indoor settings, including schools, retail and grocery stores as well as restaurants on March 21, it remains in place for public transit, long-term care and retirements homes, congregate care and living settings.
Also on that date co-horting and daily on-site screening will be lifted in schools.
All other regulatory requirements for businesses will also be removed  including passive screening and safety plans.
The next step in reopening comes March 14, when mandatory vaccinate or test policies end for workers in schools, child-care settings, hospitals and long-term care.
Organizations will be able to keep their own requirements in place if they wish and most hospitals have said they will continue strict vaccine mandates.
The province is ending all remaining public health measures, directives and orders April 27.
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