Apr 29, 2022

By Bob Komsic

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If voters decide to replace Doug Ford with Steven Del Duca, the Liberal leader promises to remove the provincial portion of the HST from prepared food purchases under $20.
He made the announcement at a specialty grocery store, pointing out many would benefit.
”Families that come into this supermarket and purchase a pizza or perhaps some chicken or some lasagna; officer workers all across downtown Toronto and beyond, who step out to get soup and salad; truck drivers in between their deliveries that want to grab a coffee,” Del Duca added.
”It’s always remarkable for me to see; especially over the past couple of years, how the prices have been skyrocketing and how much of a challenge it has been for everyday families with the cost of inflation.”
Currently, the HST exemption for prepared foods maxes out at $4.
The Liberals say they would pay for the move by adding a 1% surtax on companies, whose profits exceed $1-billion a-year; which they claim would generate about $150-million in annual revenue.
They’re also proposing a 2% income tax increase on anyone making more than $500,000 a-year, along with a new tax bracket of 15.16% on individual income above that threshold; which the Liberals say would result in more than $350-million in annual revenue. 
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