Mar 12, 2013

By Jane Brown

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Conrad Black continues to court controversy.  The former media publisher is fighting the Canada Revenue Agency over claims from 2002 that may see him paying taxes on more than 5-million dollars in income and benefits.

Among the items the CRA is trying to collect on is a 90-thousand dollar bill for security at his Toronto home and 1.3 million dollars in benefits from the use of a company airplane.  The agency alleges Black held Canadian residency at that time and must pay taxes, including those applicable to taxable employment benefits such as the private jet.  The use of Hollinger International’s private jet figured prominently in the U.S. case against Black.  In 2007, he was convicted in an American court of fraud and obstruction of justice, for which he served 42 months in prison. In that case, the court heard about how he used the company’s Gulfstream IV to take his wife, Barbara Amiel, on vacation to Bora Bora.

If a judge rules that Black must pay tax as a Canadian resident, he would be required to pay more than $5 million in taxable earnings.  If the judge rules otherwise, he’ll only be billed for earnings originating in Canada, for which he has already paid tax.  One of Black’s layers, Adrienne Woodyard, says “Mr. Black has already reported, and paid Canadian tax on, $808,000 of income for work that he performed in Canada as a non-resident.”  At the time, he filed as a U.K. citizen.The Canada Revenue Agency motion is scheduled to be heard May 15th.

Conrad Black recently signed on to host Moses Znaimer’s “The Zoomer” which premieres this spring on our sister station, Vision TV.

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