Mar 14, 2013

By Jane Brown

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The cost of cancelling gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga appears to be much more than the amount given by the governing Liberals.  Energy expert Bruce Sharp spoke before a legislative committee yesterday to offer his assessment of the costs.  “We talk about Oakville, my current view is that the total cost of moving that plant is $638 million.”

Overall, Sharp says the cost of cancelling both Oakville and Mississauga’s gas plants comes close to $828 million, more than three times what the Liberals have suggested.  The Liberals have pegged the cost of moving Oakville at $40 million, which Sharp says doesn’t take into account extra costs.  Premier Kathleen Wynne says she’s unaware of any additional costs to the Oakville plant cancellation. But New Democrat Rosario Marchese says the Liberals have covered up the real numbers.  “My view is that they all knew that the price was going to be much higher than what they claim.  There’s no way you can make a private deal on a gas plant with a private person and expect that at the end of it, it’s going to be $40 million.  It’s impossible, and I think they all knew that.”

The Liberals have admitted the decision to cancel the gas plants was political in advance of the 2011 provincial election.


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