Mar 15, 2013

By AM740 Staff

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It’s a  discovery that  recalls  a monumental  tragedy .

A violin has been certified to be the one that was played by the  bandmaster as the Titanic went down.

Survivors  have said they  remember the band led by  Wallace Hartley playing,  as  passengers boarded lifeboats.

His instrument  was believed to be lost but  a British auction company  says it’s been found.

Henry Aldridge and Son, spent seven years and thousands of dollars to  prove  the unplayable, water-stained violin is indeed authentic.

Documents show Hartley’s body was found with a large leather valise strapped to him  with the violin inside.

The  instrument  was apparently returned to his fiancee and ultimately  given to the auction company.

The violin will go on  display at the end of the month  at  Belfast City Hall less than a mile from where Titanic was built.

The Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean about 600 km’s south of Newfoundland on April 15th, 1912.

It collided with an iceberg during her maiden voyage.


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