Jun 21, 2013

By Scott Walker

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The City of Toronto wants to change the way taxicab licenses work.

Currently, there are two kinds of licenses: traditional and Ambassador. The traditional licenses are owned by companies, or inherited, and can be bought and sold. In many cases, the owners never drive the cabs themselves.

Ambassador cabs can only be driven by the owner. That puts a financial burden on owners in case of illness.

So the city wants to harmonize licenses. When either type comes up for renewal or is sold, it would be replaced by a new license that requires the owner to spend some time behind the wheel on a regular basis. Councillor Denzil Minan-Wong says that would make for better-running, cleaner cabs.

Ambassador owners would be allowed to hire others to drive part-time.

The new licenses would also require owners to make their cabs wheelchair-accessible.

Public consultations will take place over the next month. A final report will be ready in September.

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