Jun 09, 2014

By Scott Walker

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Ontario voters go to the polls on Thursday to elect a new government.

But how many actually will go is an issue that is causing concern for the parties, pollsters, and pundits.

Voter turnout has been declining steadily in the last several years. Just 48% of eligible voters cast a ballot in the 2011 provincial election.

Bruce Anderson is with Abacus Data. He says it’s getting harder to predict the outcome of elections, because many voters aren’t making up their minds until the last minute. Some make their final decision the day of the vote, some an hour before they cast their ballot.

Many say they are finding the increasingly-acrimonious tone of the election off-putting. And it’s not likely to let up in these final days. Kathleen Wynne is reaching out to NDP supporters to vote for her Liberals in order to keep Tim Hudak’s Conservatives out of office. Hudak continues to rail against what he considers to be a too-cosy relationship between the Liberals and public sector unions. And Horwath calls her party the alternative between “crazy and corrupt.”

Here’s where the main party leaders are today: Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne is in Cambridged, Stratford, and London. Conservative leader Tim Hudak is in Brampton, Bradford, and Dundas. NDP leader Andrea Horwath is in Toronto, Sarnia, Chatham, and Windsor.

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