Apr 10, 2015

By Michael Kramer

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21st century technology is shining the spotlight on another play by Shakespeare.

The well-named “Double Falsehood” was thought to be a hoax- but it’s now being touted as the real thing.

The play was first published in 1728 – and was said to be written by Lewis Theobald – who claimed to have adapted his work from three original Shakespeare manuscripts – subsequently destroyed in a fire.

University of  Texas researchers examined 33 plays by the Bard..twelve by Theobald..and nine by Shakespeare collaborator John Fletcher.

By aggregating dozens of psychological features, they created a profile of Shakespearean characters and linguistic patterns – that “strongly identified” the play as coming from the same author : William Shakespeare.

Doctor Ryan Boyd says psychological research has shown that some of the core features of who a person is at their deepest level – can be revealed based on how they use language.

The study was published in the journal “Psychological Science.”

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