Mar 15, 2016

By Bob Komsic

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Justin Trudeau has taken to social media to say Canada’s military will ”not be intimidated by terror and hate.”
Reacting to yesterday’s double-stabbing at a Canadian Forces recruitment centre in North York, the prime minister’s also wishing the injured soldiers a full recovery.
Toronto police and several other agencies are investigating any possible links the 27-year-old suspect might have to any terrorist groups.
While Police Chief Mark Saunders says there’s nothing at this time that suggests Ayanle Hassan Ali has any such links, security expert Ross McLean, a former Toronto police officer, told ”Fight Back on Zoomer Radio,” this was a ”terrorist act” and there are no ”lone wolves”.
”They’re involved in social media, they watch videos of beheadings, they listen to radical preachings, some of them have belonged to mosques.  You’ll find that there may be social media contacts with this guy.  Right now, the RCMP and INSET CSIS will be going through his phone, all of his social media records, all of that information to find who it was who helped radicalize this person, ’cause somebody has to help you radicalize either in person or online through social (media).”
Chief Saunders says the suspect said ”Allah told me to do this.”
The Montreal-born Ali, who moved to Toronto in 2011, faces nine counts including three of attempted murder.
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