Feb 09, 2017

By Jane Brown

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It seems Mayor John Tory has an ally in Mississauga’s Mayor.

Bonnie Crombie says Premier Kathleen Wynne, or whomever has her job after the 2018 provincial election, must help, rather than block local governments struggling to fund massive projects primarily from property taxes.

Crombie told the Empire Club of Canada during a panel discussion that “the system is broken, and city budgets are not designed to build large infrastructure transit projects.” She questioned why cities can’t control their own destinies and raise revenue needed to better run, manage and invest in individual cities.

Crombie says her residents were unhappy about the prospect of paying road tolls on Toronto highways, but she supported Mayor Tory’s right to ask for that right to implement that tax. She’s calling on the province to give Mississauga the same taxation options extended to Toronto in 2006.

Mayor Tory is now openly calling on the Wynne Liberals to financially assist in helping Toronto with its housing and daycare crises.

“If the province has taken the decision that they are going to say no to something that we put forward to help resolve our own financial problems on our own roads with our own accountability, and if they’re going to say no to that, then that’s within their purview, but I would expect that their response to their own action would be as well to write additional cheques to us to support some of the services that would’ve been funded with the flexibility that the road tolls would’ve given us, Tory explained to Zoomer Radio’s Fight Back with Libby Znaimer.

So far, Premier Wynne has announced extra assistance, by a doubling the share of the gas tax given to Ontario municipalities.

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