Feb 22, 2017

By Bob Komsic

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Scientists believe they’ve made a crucial step toward determining if there’s other life way out there.
They have discovered seven Earth-sized planets, all of which could contain water, orbiting a small star 39 light-years away.
Never have so many Earth-like planets been discovered a sing star.
This system was first located in May 2016.
At that time, just three planets were confirmed.
But more study has revealed another four, all of which are the right size, mass and distance from the sun to hold water.
Models reveal that three of the seven have the best chances of containing water.
As for possible intelligent life, the jury’s still out.
The SETI Institute, which searches for signs of such life, did not see any signals last year when it studied the system.
But a senior astronomer says they may look again now that there are seven planets.
”I think that’s an interesting story because that could indeed be a small little galactic empire right there.” 
You can read more about the discovery in the science journal Nature.
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