Feb 23, 2017

By Bob Komsic

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A University of Calgary study suggests patient care is suffering from doctors, nurses and other staff in hospitals and doctors’ offices spending too much time on computers.

Dr. Myles Leslie from The School of Public Policy looked at health-care workers in the intensive care units of three U.S. hospital.
He found on average they spent about half their shift on a computer with some spending as much as 90% at a  computer.
”You have the attitude already that this is becoming the job and the job is data management,” Leslie said.
”The job really isn’t fixing bodies and interacting with them (patients).  It’s just managing streams of data.  That’s a big challenge.”
Leslie says there was a time when doctors conversations would revolve around a patient’s chart sitting at the foot of the bed.
He suggests it might take awhile but that hospitals and medical schools need to educate health-care professions about a more balanced approach to patient care.
The study is published in the journal Health Services Research.
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