May 01, 2017

By Bob Komsic

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The Senate’s ethics committee is said to be ready to finalize its report on the fate of Toronto-area Senator Don Meredith Tuesday.
It’s expected to be tabled in the Senate either Wednesday or Thursday.
(Colin Perkel / Canadian Press)
The five-member committee’s spent weeks reviewing a report by the Senate ethics watchdog, who spelled out his nearly two-year sexual relationship with a teenage girl.
The Senate will have a minimum of five sitting days of debate on the committee’s report before there’s a vote to adopt or reject sanctions against Meredith.
It must be ”disposed of” no later than the 15th sitting day after being introduced.
That means the upper chamber could spend up to a month debating before there’s a vote.
But the report could also be referred back to committee for more consideration, which could mean a decision at an even later date.
Some of the remedial measures the committee can recommend include, an invite or order to apologize, a reprimand or suspension.
The committee could also take the unprecedented step of recommending the 52-year-old Meredith be kicked out of the Senate.
Meanwhile, three former female staffers have recently come out alleging years of sexual abuse and harassment in Meredith’s office.
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