May 18, 2017

By Andy Johnson

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We get a look today at Toronto’s pilot project to reform and improve King Street, with special attention paid to how to improve the King Streetcar service.
The 504 car carries 65,000 people into and across downtown Toronto daily – more passengers than take the Scarborough RT.
Toronto’s Chief planner Jennifer Keesmatt says the idea is to accommodate both street cars and automobiles by turning King into a series of local streets.
Cars will only be able to travel King a block at a time between Jarvis and Bathurst, being forced to make a right hand turn at each intersection.  She says that way, transit moves through in an unobstructed fashion and cars can still access parking garages on King Street.
Keesmatt adds by improving the King car service through downtown, it should east congestion elsewhere, in particular through Liberty Village in the King and Dufferin area.
The plan will be laid out between 6:30 and 9 o’clock tonight at the InterContinental Hotel on Front Street West.
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