May 30, 2017

By Bob Komsic

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Saying we have to make certain ”our workers are treated fairly,” in a time the very nature of work’s being transformed, the premier’s announced the minimum wage will rise.
The increase to be phased in – rising from $11.40 to $14-an-hour next January and then to $15 the following year.
After that, it’ll go up annually with inflation.
(Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star)
Kathleen Wynne adds this’ll make a world of difference to the 30% of workers who currently make less than $15-an-hour.
This is part of a major labour overhaul that follows a government-commissioned report that includes over 170 recommendations.
Proposed changes to workplace rules:
–Equal pay would be mandated for part-time workers doing the same job as full-timers
–After five years with the same employer, the minimum vacation entitlement would rise to three weeks per year
–Employers would be required to pay a worker three hours of wages if the employer cancels a shift with less than 48-hurs notice
–All workers would be given 10 personal emergency leave days a year, and a minimum of two must be paid (Currently, only employees of large firms are entitled to this)
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