Jul 30, 2019

By Maria Madden

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It would appear that fine art is proving good medicine.

Think of hospitals and we often think off white walls, perhaps sparsely decorated with dated pastel prints.

Now, after a number of studies showing art’s benefits, hospitals around the world have begun experimenting with the healing power of art in a bid to improve patient experiences and outcomes.

A 2017 study from Denmark found that hanging paintings, particularly abstract ones, in waiting rooms led to increased patient satisfaction, while – a British paper demonstrated the positive effects of art, not only on patient well being but also on health outcome such as length of stay in hospital and pain tolerance.

Anecdotal evidence meanwhile suggest that art eases anxiety, stress and depression for both patients and care staff.

Just least year the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts announced a collaboration with a hospital in the city to allow doctors to prescribe museum visits to patients.

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