Oct 09, 2019

By Bob Komsic

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The owners of the popular downtown Syrian restaurant, who announced online death threats and hateful messages prompted them to close ‘Soufi’s,’ now say they’re working to re-open ‘Soufi’s.’ 
The announcement was made outside the restaurant by Husam Alsoufi along with Mohamad Fakih, founder of Paramount Fine Foods. 
”This family should not lose their profitable, thriving business because of intimidation and hate,” said Fakih, who says they’ll work together to re-open the restaurant.
(Toronto Star)
Bayan Khatib, executive-director of the Syrian Canadian Foundation told Zoomer Radio’s ”Fight Back” with guest host Jane Brown, it’s important police find those responsible for the death threats and beating of their son Alaa at a political protest in Hamilton.
(Canadian Immigrant Magazine)
”The authorities have an important role to play right now, to catch the people who beat up Alaa and the ones who are sending the death threats and the hate mail.  They have to be held to account and taught a lesson that this is not acceptable behaviour in Canada,” Khatib told ”Fight Back.”
Police had said the family had called to lodge concerns last week and today investigators were meeting with the family to gather details and likely start an investigation.
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