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All of a sudden, the big news is the new COVID variant … first detected in South Africa … which has prompted a world wide reaction since it seems to be more transmissible than the Delta variant and is showing resistance to the vaccine. (More about that coming up in the news)

When you hear about new variants, are you likely to change your OWN behaviour? Libby will take your calls on this topic …

as well as others unrelated to the pandemic … including the decision by optometrists to resume eye care for people 65 plus and 18 and under. If you were unable to get an appointment because of their nearly 3 month work stoppage … how long is the wait to get in? Your personal experiences are welcome.

We also had a productive discussion at the beginning of the week on reducing traffic deaths. It’s a topic we’ve touched on many times on Fight Back … but in the city of Mississauga … ALL residential streets now have a posted limit of 40 kilometres an hour and this effort, combined with others, IS making a positive difference.

Whatever in the news has you talking, Libby will be waiting for your calls.

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