On Friday's GFB - August 17th

Aug 17, 2012

By Dale Goldhawk

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11:30am | Jim Wilson, Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
12:15pm | Dr. Peter Selby, Clinical Director of Addiction Programs, CAMH

GUEST – Jim Wilson, Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
TOPIC – Lyme disease vaccine & the state of this vaccine in Canada
INFO – Read more: CTV News Lyme Disease Experts Fear Disease Explosion
Read more: Whatever Happened to the Lyme Disease Vaccine

GUEST – Dr. Peter Selby, Clinical Director of Addiction Programs, CAMH
TOPIC – Addiction research and treatment with focus on Zoomer.
INFO – As people age they are vulnerable to the effects of substance use. They can’t tolerate the same amounts or the effects of using are beginning to show up. For example in their youth they may have injected drugs during their hippie days and now the hepatitis C they got then is diagnosed because they are diagnosed with cirrhosis. Also long time smoking addiction is now causing early heart disease, emphysema or cancer. The chronic use of drugs could cause them to be poor or experience isolation because friends and family have left them. What can also happen is when they retire the addiction gets worse. They have more time on their hands and their previous heavy drinking spins out of control because they are depressed. In turn they drink more to numb the pain but alcohol makes the depression worse and the vicious cycle repeats itself. Older adults also have pain and pain meds can be addictive if not prescribed properly. Also older adults often hide their addiction and families hide it due to stigma. Moreover adults find it hard to enforce a preventative approach with their kids because they themselves used as teens. However, they do need ways to have the conversation. Another issue is long term users of marijuana who appear to be functioning, it is not clear that they suffer from an addiction but as they age they might find it affects their memory.

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