On Wednesday's GFB: John Klich

Dec 11, 2012

By Dale Goldhawk

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11:30am ET | Superintendent John Klich / Toronto EMS

12:15pm ET | Ted Morris, GFB Vet


GUEST – Superintendent John Klich / Toronto EMS

TOPIC – EMS & ambulance services.

INFO – We can be prepared to answer questions about the cost of the service in terms of what it costs to request an ambulance from Toronto EMS eg: $45.00 charged by the province.

We can speak about inter-facility transports to a certain extent eg: you asked about taking a patient from the nursing home to hospital and back.  Toronto EMS isn’t really this type of service now, as we are 98% an emergency service and less than 2% patient transfers.  Thirty years ago the business was 40% non-emergency transports.

The majority of non – emergency ambulance work is now done by private ambulance companies not municipally run services and we can’t speak to their fees.  You also mentioned something about out of country ambulances.  This is also not a subject in which Toronto EMS is expert, so would not be able to answer those questions.

This is what we are experts in:

–  we can answer questions about what to do /expect when you call 911 – when Toronto EMS sometimes helps patients get help through other programs (Community Paramedic program or the Community Referral EMS program) – may need diabetic advice for example from Toronto Public Health

–  how to be prepared for the Paramedics and ambulance to arrive – eg: have your medications ready and written down if you are unable to speak for yourself (just had a stroke for example)

– how to prevent needing a paramedic or an ambulance – pick-up hockey season coming for example


GUEST – Ted Morris ,GFB VET

TOPIC – Holiday Hazards! Chocolate, rich foods, string/tinsel/ribbon for cats, are poinsettias really poisonous? All kinds of fun and festive stuff.

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