On Monday, June 10th GFB: Cameron Field, Fiona Crean and Mary McDonald

Jun 07, 2013

By Dale Goldhawk

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11:15 am ET | Cameron Field
11:45 am ET | Fiona Crean
12:15 pm ET | Mary McDonald

GUEST – Cameron Field, Detective Sergeant , Toronto Police Service, Financial Crimes Unit

TOPIC – Home owner fraud

GUEST – The City of Toronto’s Ombudsman, Fiona Crean

TOPIC – Housing at Risk – Ombudsman Finds Callous Treatment of Seniors

INFO – Housing at Risk – Ombudsman Finds Callous Treatment of Seniors / Toronto – June 6, 2013

GUEST – Mary McDonald , Zoomer home owner

TOPIC – Home owner Fraud.

INFO – “I am a single home owner in North Toronto. This week I received a hand-delivered friendly letter from someone expressing an interest in my house. They provided me with email & phone number and suggested that if I was interested we could sit down and have a “friendly chat” about selling it(presumably in my home). He asked me to let him know. Using Caller ID BLOCK, I called the man, told him I wasn’t interested. Before he hung up I said, “Don’t you want to know what house I’m calling about?” and he hung up. I called the police who said this is becoming more & more popular as a scam. Skillful scam artists come to your home and before the victim knows it, they have gleaned a huge of amount of personal info., that plus skillful use of the internet and they have everything they need for whatever criminal purpose. I thought it might be a good topic.”

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