On Wednesday June 26th GFB: Dr. Hartley Miltchin, Ann Cavoukian and Dr. Zachary Levine

Jun 25, 2013

By Valerie Massie

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11:15 am ET | Dr. Hartley Miltchin
11:45 am ET | Ann Cavoukian
12:15 pm ET | Dr. Zachary Levine

GUEST – Dr. Hartley Miltchin, GFB Podiatrist

TOPIC – Spring and summer, open toe shoes. Why are so many people embarrassed to show their feet? Fungus nails and bunions.

GUEST – Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Dr. Ann Cavoukian

TOPIC – Ann Cavoukian testifies before a justice committee at Queen’s Park about the illegal deletion of emails from former premier Dalton McGuinty’s office.

INFO – “It’s called the Archives and Recordkeeping Act, not the Record Deleting Act,” Cavoukian testified earlier Tuesday, adding that the purging of government emails undermines citizens’ rights to obtain records through Freedom of Information legislation and “clearly erodes the public’s trust in government.”

GUEST – Dr. Zach, GFB House Doctor, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine at McGill University

TOPIC – Euthanasia

INFO – Euthanasia is the intentional ending of life in order to end pain and/or suffering. It is legal in Belgium and the Netherlands. Quebec has introduced a bill to legalize it. Studies show that 80% of the public supports this, while a majority of doctors oppose it. Proponents of the law argue that people have the right to determine what happens to themselves and that having a law will actually make sure that there are strict criteria and rules to prevent abuses. Opponents state that doctors cannot kill, that it will erode the doctor patient relationship, and that it will be a slippery slope, where more and more people will be euthanized once it becomes legal.

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