On Tuesday November 19th GFB: Laurie Campbell

Nov 18, 2013

By Dale Goldhawk

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12:15 pm ET | Laurie Campbell

GUEST – Laurie Campbell, CEO Credit Canada Debt Solutions, GFB Debt expert

TOPIC – Credit Education Week, and focus on VICES.

INFO – A recent survey commissioned for Credit Education Week indicated that vices were a huge problem for many Canadians resulting in overspending. Over ¾ of respondents said they had a vice.

Popular vices were, Going out for lunch, Going out for dinner, Buying lottery tickets, Shopping for clothes, Cigarettes.

A lot of people stated that even though they tried to budget they still got caught up by vices. Tips to help are….

-Write down everything you spend so you really know what the vice is costing you.
-Talk to family and friends about limiting spending (peer pressure often resulted in the vice being continued)
-Make concrete goals and timelines for them.
-Stay away from tempting situations (yes just stop going to the mall!)

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