On Wednesday January 8th GFB: Dr. Scott Wooder and Dr. Ted Morris

Jan 07, 2014

By Dale Goldhawk

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11:15 am ET | Dr. Scott Wooder
12:15 pm ET | Dr. Ted Morris

GUEST – Dr. Scott Wooder, MD, President Ontario Medical Association

TOPIC – Please Stay Home if You Are Sick: Ontario’s Doctors

INFO – Toronto, Ontario January 7, 2014 – With the flu season in full swing, Ontario’s doctors are encouraging people who are sick to stay home. “I can’t stress it enough going to work while sick is bad for you and potentially worse for your colleagues. Staying home to rest will help you to manage your illness and prevent others from getting infected,” said Dr. Scott Wooder, President of the Ontario Medical Association. “Think about those around you, and please don’t take the flu to work.”

GUEST – Dr. Ted Morris, GFB VET

TOPIC – The Indoor Cat Initiative

INFO – Being an indoor cat should be a pretty great life….but it can be very stressful to some cats resulting in destructive behaviour, peeing around the house and generally being trouble. The Indoor Cat Initiative was initiated by some feline vets in the US and looks at ways to make your house more cat friendly.

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