On This Week's Conspiracy Show - April 29th

Apr 29, 2012

By Richard Syrett

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Richard speaks with a medical science writer about Lyme Disease, the fastest
proliferating infectious disease in the world. She will discuss details of a petition,
endorsed by 3.5 million Ontarians, asking the Ontario government to replace its
antiquated testing protocol. Ontario’s current test for Lyme Disease was developed
almost a half century ago and is documented to be up to 95% false negative. The
petition also asks the provincial government to direct Ontario doctors to learn to treat
Chronic Lyme Disease, in accordance with up-to-date diagnostic and treatment protocols.

GUEST: Helke Ferrie is a physical anthropologist and a medical science writer whose articles
on the political aspects of medicine are featured regularly in Canada and the US. She also runs
Kos Publishing Inc., a publishing company that specializes in books on the politics of medicine.


Richard welcomes a paranormal researcher who studies Electronic Voice Phenomena,
which some believe are discarnate/disembodied voices captured on audio recording devices.
He will talk about his eight years of research into EVP, the techniques he uses that have drawn
international attention, new equipment he has created to capture EVPS, and his original research
into the nature of EVPs.

GUEST: John Mizzi is an investigator and technical specialist with Para-Researchers of Ontario.


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