Q&A with Norm Edwards, host of Afternoon Express

Sep 13, 2016

By Meghan Chipman

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We want to introduce to you, our afternoon show host, Norm Edwards. Now, we all know that no one is nicer than Norm, and we mean NO ONE, but why not get to know him a little better?

Afteroon Express

1) How did you get started in broadcasting?

When I was 12 my parents got me a tape recorder for Christmas. I quickly fell in love with my own voice. Eventually, I sent out tapes to radio stations… I mean how could they not love it too?

Turns out not everybody did…. Except one station manager who was desperate for announcers because he was very hard to work for and couldn’t keep staff very long. Shortly after I was hired, he passed away so was able to work there for a couple of years and get a start in the business.

2) What’s the best movie you’ve ever paid money to see?

Dr. Zhivago


3) If you could only go to ONE more concert in your life, whom would you see?

Comedian Brian Regan…. Or Stevie Wonder


4) What would your wife say is your most annoying habit?

I can’t hear her.


5) Everybody has one thing they cook REALLY well. What’s your specialty?

I’m pretty good at making ice cubes… And birthday cakes.


6) Coolest person in entertainment history – GO!

Hmmm… Johnny Carson.


7) Favourite gift you ever received?

Flowers from my wife when we first started dating.


8) Do you prefer crew neck or a V-neck style of t-shirt?



9) One classic TV show you wish they’d remake?

WKRP in Cincinnati


10) One classic TV show they should never, ever touch.

I Love Lucy.

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