Hello December

Nov 30, 2009

By Gene Stevens

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We turn the calendar over and step into December – I like this, because November is my least-favourite month – the nasty weather – although THIS November was terrific.  December’s great because it’s got Christmas, N.Years and my birthday (!) … winter is still kinda nice because it’s new (I’m tired of it by mid-January). 

In radio, December is usually crazy-busy as we add increasing amounts of Christmas music, figure out vacation plans, and do year-end specials.  I remember many Christmases and New Years past, spent inside radio stations putting finishing touches on various programming features. They were among both the “best” and “worst” memories – tremendous staff camaraderie as we order late night pizzas and work feverishly to get the year-end feature “just right” – for that one-time play we’d give it.  But, we also spent hours away from family and friends, trudging home in slush and snow to loved-ones wondering why you’re so late.  Mixed feelings for sure.

But, have you noticed how stations tend not to do those big year-end documentary features anymore ?  Just not enough staff left anymore – we’re all doing our best to keep up. 

At AM 740 we WILL have  a great December for you – though.  In this first week, we’re playing just one Christams song every hour; we’ll double that next week, and by December 19th, we’ll be ALL Christmas.

It’ll be a terrific New Year’s Eve “Zoomer Dance Party” and on New Year’s Day, we’ll play ONLY bona fide #1 hits from throughout the 20th century. 

I’ll tell you more about all that in a later blog.  For now, I have to tell you I’ll be taking a vacation – off in a couple days, and back on Dec.14th.  But I’ve pre-taped a couple of great ‘Vintage Favourites’ shows which I hope you can tune in for. Sunday afternoons 2-4pm.    On Sun.Dec.6th it’ll be a pretty unusual show, featuring a dozen terrific stars who all DIED in December, and most of them in sudden, tragic, and even violent ways.  I was amazed how many legends died in this one month – I know it sounds a bit maudlin and dark – but I’m saluting them, and celebrating their music.  A few examples are John Lennon, Roy Orbison, Otis Redding, Bobby Darin and Ricky Nelson.  catch that show December 6th. 

Then, on Sunday Dec.13th, I’m repeating my recent show with Bobby Curtola.  A strange thing happened the first time we aired it November 22nd. The last break he and I recorded was mysteriously dropped by the darn computer, so you didn’t hear a very interesting segment. Bobby talks about his Order of Canada, his charity work, his dream of re-working his classic songs into symphonic pieces, and he even sings a bit of accapella you will love.  So – catch this 50th anniversary salute to Canada’s Rock’n’Roll Legend Bobby Curtola – repeated Sunday December 13th, 2-4pm.

Enjoy the step into December, and stay well.   Gene.

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