Heatwave - a tropical heatwave ...

Jul 09, 2010

By Gene Stevens

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Well, was it hot enough for you ?  Actually nobody asked me that age-old cliche this past week – how about you ?  It sure WAS hot though – I’m one of those rare folks who don’t have central air, or any air conditioning at home !  Yep – I’ve admitted it, now.  I live a couple blocks north of the lake on a tree-lined street, with nice cool breezes most days.  I’ve always wondered why I would spend oodles of bucks on the unit, and then on electricity, for a handful of days during the entire year ?  So – it’s a bit hot on a few nights – I open the window and it’s not so bad.  Let’s move on.

Have you had the chance to hear us on Rogers Cable yet ?  If you have Rogers Cable, and have found some reception problems with AM 740 – perhaps you live in an apartment, or work in a tall building –  well, your reception problems are GONE !   I’ve been with the radio station since it launched in 2001 – this is our 10th year – and I remember getting HUNDREDS of e-mails and letters from folks who loved listening, but couldn’t get the reception cleanly. It was so frustrating for them, and for me too.    It took us a long time to come to an agreement with Rogers Cable, but during this past spring it finally came together – I want to sincerely thank the good folks at Rogers Cable for welcoming AM 740. 

So – if you have ANY reception problems – you now have TWO alternatives.  Either go on-line at www.am740.ca and listen to our streaming anywhere in the world via your computer; or if you subscribe to Rogers Cable anywhere in Ontario – go to Channel 949, and listen to us in ‘crystal-clear’ quality. 

Of course, if you’re driving on a summer vacation, you can take AM 740 with you a long, LONG, way – we have the largest coverage area of ANY Canadian radio station – all over southern Ontario daytime, and after sunset, all over the north-east: “from Maine to Minnesota, and The Carolinas to Thunder Bay.”  

Let me wrap up with a little ‘commercial’ for my Sunday afternoon show – if you’re not swept away by the World Cup, I’d sure like you to catch my show, Sunday 2-4pm.  I’ll spotlight Bill Haley on what would’ve been his 85th birthday and salute his classic song “Rock Around the Clock” which topped the Billboard chart exactly 55 years ago this week – becoming the first bona fide rock’n’roll song to hit #1.  If you like early rock’n’roll, rockabilly and country’n’western music – you’ll LOVE this 2-hour tribute to the man they once called “The Father of Rock’n’Roll”.  have yourself a great weekend…  Gene

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