Jul 29, 2021

By Bob Komsic

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If the results of a recent survey are to be believed, that 55% admit to engage in unsafe behaviour behind the wheel, would that mean the remaining 45% are not ‘fessing up?
”I think so.  I would tend to agree when I saw these results I would say that the 55%, to me personally, was a little bit low,” said Raymond Chan of CAA South Central Ontario on Zoomer Radio’s ”Fight Back” with Libby Znaimer.
”I can’t imagine that everybody out there is driving according to the rules of the road, and the way that they should be.  This number 55 does reflect a fair number of drivers that are out there, who self-admitted that they have driven in some sort of unsafe fashion.”
Almost all, 95% of those surveyed, also say they’ve witnessed others driving dangerously, while about three-quarters feel stricter penalties and larger fines would help discourage such behaviour, yet, just as many don’t know all the offences that constitute stunt driving.
If you weren’t aware, as of this month, drivers can be charged with stunt driving when going in excess of 40-km/h where the posted speed limit’s under 80.
So too can motorists who drive 50 or faster than posted limits of 80 km/h or higher.
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