Dec 28, 2012

By Jane Brown

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Toronto’s Mayor says he welcomes the decision by the court to dismiss the Foulidis lawsuit against him.  Rob Ford made his comments in a short statement after Ontario Superior Court Justice John Macdonald ruled that George Foulidis failed to meet the “essential aspects” required for a libel claim.  The owner of the Boardwalk Pub alleged that Ford defamed him in comments to the Toronto Sun’s editorial board during the 2010 election campaign.  But MacDonald wrote that Foulidis did not prove the comments in question made by Ford were directed at him or that they were defamatory. Ford’s lawyer Gavin Tighe says what’s left outstanding is the issue of costs.  “The loser ends up being responsible for the costs and the cost of all the events.  So, the judge has asked us for our submissions on our costs.  And then, Mr. Foulidis’ counsel will be entitled to respond with his submissions on his costs or our costs, and that he shouldn’t have to pay them.  Then the judge will make a decision.”

The lawyer for George Foulidis meantime, says his client is disappointed by the decision.  Foulidis had tried to sue Rob Ford for six million dollars.  Ford testified in court that at the time, he wasn’t suggesting that the renewing a lease for Foulidis’s restaurant was illegal, just that it didn’t follow the proper tendering process.

Mayor Rob Ford still faces two separate legal issues.  He is appealing another judge’s decision to evict him from office over a violation of the conflict of interest law.  And a forensic audit of his campaign finances will be released at some point in January.  Ford could face removal from office in that matter as well.

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