Sep 23, 2013

By Bob Komsic

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Many Zoomers have been carrying the hepatitis C virus around for decades without knowing it.

Last year, the U-S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended anyone born between 1945-65 be tested and treated before it becomes a crisis.

The Canadian Liver Foundation expanded the birth year to 1975 because of the prevalence of hep C in the immigrant population.

Epidemiologists feel it`s ticking time bomb and without a co-ordinated plan for diagnosis and treatment, large numbers of Zoomers will develop cirrhosis and liver cancer or suffer from liver failure.

Dr. Morris Sherman, a liver specialist at Toronto General Hospital, says that’s because most patients don`t display any symptoms until their liver fails, usually in their 60s or later.

Infections are largely due to experimentation with recreational drugs, which was quite common in the 60s and 70s.

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