Jun 04, 2014

By Bob Komsic

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Fresh from a well received performance in the leaders’ debate, the PC’s Tim Hudak dropped by AM 740 for a guest appearance on ”Goldhawk Fights Back”.

He told host Dale Goldhawk how his plan will create jobs – guaranteed – while the Liberals scheme would cost Ontario jobs.

As for the Tories plans to cut 100-thousand public sector jobs, the two discussed how that would be achieved.

Hudak: ”The vast majority of those will be through attrition, retirements over four years …”

Goldhawk:  ”No that won’t be the majority.”

Hudak:  ”I would think so”.

Goldhawk: ”You’re quoting every year attrition would account for … between five and 10 percent?”

Hudak:  “Of 1.2 million … So you’re looking at between 200 to almost 400-thousand people who will retire over that four-year phase-in period.  You don’t have to fill all those jobs.  Some you will, some you won’t.

The Tory leader later admitted to Zoomer Radio’s Libby Znaimer the public sector job cuts could cost billions in severance.

”I know it’s in the billions of dollars to make sure that we have a reserve for unintended consequences; whether that’s a severance payment, whether that’s the economy slows down…”

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