Jun 21, 2014

By Bob Komsic

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Pro-Russian rebels attacked Ukrainian posts on the border with Russia and a military base and even tried storming an airforce base.

This happened just after the ceasefire by Ukrainian forces began late last night.

A government forces spokesman says the rebels used mortars and sniper fire, wounding nine Ukrainian officers.

Rebels with machine guns and grenade-launchers attacked a position at Avdiyivka, near the town of Donetsk and a post at Kreminna.

Separatists controlling Slaviansk also attacked Ukrainian forces on Karachun hill overlooking the town.

Meanwhile, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic says the ceasefire is not working and appealed to Russia to send in peacekeepers.

Another rebel leader says either Ukrainian troops are not obeying orders or President Petro Poroshenko is ”lying … there is no ceasefire…”

The Kremlin sees the ceasefire as an ultimatum rather than a peace offering.

Ukraine says it’s concerned by the continuing concentration of Russian forces near the border.

But the Russian Defence Minister says the troops, that’ll be on combat alert all week, are in the central part of the country not western Russia.

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