Apr 17, 2015

By Andy Johnson

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A new set of guidelines to govern the controversial practice of carding has been approved by members of the Toronto Police Services Board.   Gone are restrictive clauses that said police could only card individuals when they are investigating specific offenses or protecting a person; that officers had to inform individuals of their right to leave, which is the case in non-criminal encounters. Instead, officers will be instructed to tell people why they are being stopped if the person asks. Police will also tell a person they are free to go if the person asks.  Officers will also be required to hand out a business card to acknowledge the interaction but not a full receipt, which the board first ordered in 2012.  Mayor John Tory, who sits on the board, says he chose to support the revised policy because it was the only way fowrard after an 8 month stalemate.  Opponents of carding say they’re considering litigation against the Police Board and the Toronto Police Service.

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