Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Willow

Oct 23, 2023

By Jordan Chakravarty

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Meet Willow, a beautiful and cuddly 11-year-old cat. Her fur is white and grey, and she has the most adorable pink nose.

Willow is the ultimate laid-back cat, and she takes her lounging seriously! Her morning routine involves a brief excursion from her cozy bed to her food bowl, followed by a swift return to her favourite spot for some high-impact lounging. Her most cherished pastime? Sunbathing by the window, where she can observe the neighborhood’s daily hustle and bustle with a discerning eye. While she may occasionally indulge in a spirited bout of “zoomies,” Willow prefers more stationary play, especially if it involves a string or toy she can bat at leisure.

Willow adores attention and has an endearing way of letting you know when it’s time for pets and cuddles by giving your leg a gentle tap. Once in your lap, she absolutely relishes a good brush session and gazes at you with adoration.

Willow does have a medical condition called diabetes, but it is well managed with a vet prescribed food and daily injections under the skin at the time of each meal. With the right care, Willow can spend the rest of her days happily lounging by your side.


While Willow will need someone to manage her diabetes with daily injections, she is otherwise very easy to care for. She is kind, cuddly and relaxed and a delight to be around

Can’t wait to bring Willow home? Visit Toronto Humane Society at 11 River Street to start the application process today!



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