Oct 08, 2019

By Jane Brown

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Climate change was a recurring theme in Monday night’s english-language debate, featuring all six federal party leaders on stage together for the first time.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh had one of the best zingers of the night, when he spoke about the climate change plans of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

“You do not need to choose between Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny,” Singh said to laughs, “There is another option out there. We are committed to a real plan, we’re going to take on the biggest polluters, take on the powerful interests, because that’s what we need to do if we want to build another future.”

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May got her digs in as well, when she took on her opponents over the issue of women’s rights.

“You participated in a debate which did not let our little girls see that there’s a chance for a woman in this country to be prime minister, to run as the leader of a party. We must be clear as all leaders and you are not clear Andrew (Scheer), that you will never allow a single inch of retreat from the hard earned rights of women in this country, not one inch.” May said to applause and after Scheer said he is pro-life.

As the incumbent prime minister, it was Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau who was put on the defensive for much of the debate, with the sharpest attack coming from Andrew Scheer who called Trudeau a phoney and a fraud.

Trudeau needled him back for not yet releasing a costed election platform, and about his promises to scrap the carbon tax.

But after the debate, Scheer complained that the format did not allow for much one on one between him and Trudeau.

“I would’ve liked to have more opportunities both to challenge him and to explain to him how our policies will actually make life easier for Canadians, how our policies will actually make life more affordable,” Scheer said.

But Trudeau said later, he was pleased with so much discussion on what he sees as the most important issue.

“I was very very happy that so much of this debate, throughout all of the themes was actually on climate change and our approaches on fighting it,” Trudeau explained.

Climate change is the number two issue in this election, after healthcare, according to members of CARP – A New Vision of Aging.

Listen for comprehensive analysis of Monday night’s debate with Libby’s Tuesday Strategy Panel on Zoomer Radio’s Fight Back after Tuesday’s noon news.

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